Tips for Better Real Estate Photography

A huge part of marketing your home is having great pictures. The goal of your online listing is to bring potential buyers to see the home in person. So, you want to show the best features of your home. Here are a few tips to help you improve your MLS photos. (BEFORE images are from actual listings found on the MLS, and after shots are all by MarketExpertly.)

Don't even through this closet is full of clothes - Tips for Better Real Estate Photography.

Walk-in closets are always a plus, but when potential home buyers look at your online listing and see a very full closet, they can’t appreciate the space. It simply looks like you don’t have enough room for storage.


Normally we do not shoot the interior of closets unless they are empty. But in this case, the homeowner had staged a corner of her walk in closet, and it was adorable! You can tell that there is a lovely walk-in closet, but don’t have to see all the homeowner’s belongings to get a sense of the space.

A closet with hats and clothes hanging in the Gilbert Crossroads Neighborhood.
Tips for Better Real Estate Photography: Eliminate clutter to enhance bathroom appearance.
Interiors with a bathroom featuring green walls and a green shower curtain.

Bathrooms that are full of clutter, personal items and even dirty laundry are not appealing to potential home buyers. An image like the above picture could send buyers right on to the next listing.


Be sure to have your home clean and ready before the photo shoot.  You can even add some fresh flowers, as shown in the photo on the left.


In reality, the home shown in the above photo is probably newer, but the brighter, uncluttered bathroom looks much more appealing. Preparing your home for photography can make a huge difference in selling your home.

Tips for Better Real Estate Photography

The stall in the above picture is most likely part of a lovely master bathroom suite. However, most potential home buyers will assume that a toilet comes with the bathroom, and don’t actually need to see it. If it’s not naturally in the photo, there’s no reason to include an extra image of the toilet.


If anything, this photo would detract from whatever master bathroom images were shown, rather than encourage a home buyer to come and see it in person.


The image on the right doesn’t show the toilet, and yet, somehow you still believe it will be there in the home.

Elegant Master Bathroom - Gilbert Arizona - Real estate photography
Tips for avoiding reflections in real estate photography.
A white bathroom with two sinks and a mirror, ideal for interior design enthusiasts.

Another challenge with bathrooms is the mirrors. A good listing image should not have “photographer selfies” in the mirror.


If you don’t know how to remove your image from the photo, try to take the photo from an angle where you won’t be seen.


And, PLEASE close the lid of the toilet.

Tips for better Real Estate Photography: Adjust angles or kindly ask people to move from shot.

If someone is in the way of the shot, wait a few minutes or ask them to move. You don’t need to feature the home owner in the image.


Remember, the listing is your “FIRST SHOWING” of the home, and your first chance to make a good impression on a potential buyer. Don’t distract them with things or people that are not needed in the photo.

A Gilbert kitchen with wooden cabinets and a center island.
A picture of a child in a frame with the words don't ever forget children.

As a mom, I was mortified when I saw a close-up of a child’s framed portrait on an MLS listing. MLS listings include the home address! Please remove children’s photos and personal items from the home before photographing it.


It’s great to show a tidy child’s room, so families can envision the space, but don’t share any information that could put your child at risk. In addition, don’t photograph safes, firearms or any other item that might be dangerous to have shown in the listing. You don’t know who could be looking at it.

Child's Bedroom - Real Estate Photography Gilbert Arizona

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