Market Expertly Real Estate Photography Packages

Fast, Fabulous Photography for your East Valley Listings!

  • Schedule appointments within 1-2 days (sometimes same day is available)
  • Usually 24-hour turnaround for photos
  • Same photographer every time
  • Personal, professional, reliable service, that makes you look good to your clients!
We also offer headshots, promotional photography and videography, graphic design/marketing assistance, and more…

HDR Express Photo Service

Starting at $85.00
*priced by sf

Our Express Photo Service is the perfect option when you need listing photos quickly and on a budget. This service includes High Dynamic Range (HDR) natural light images, to get your listing on the MLS quickly. If you’ve used a “lister” photography service in the past, you’ll love our professional HDR Express Photo service!

Signature Photo Service

Starting at $125.00
*priced by sf

As a professional agent, you know that your listings photos represent your brand, set you apart as an agent, and get you future clients. Our magazine-quality Signature TruColor™ Flash Photography service is perfect for discerning agents when quality counts.

Premiere Photo Service

Starting at $300.00
*priced by sf

When you are ready to pull out all the stops for a listing, choose our Premiere Photo Service, featuring our magazine quality photography, plus a single-page listing website and slideshow tour (or upgrade to a video tour). Other upgrades, such as twilight photos, drone or elevated shots, and 3D tour options are also available.

Drone Photography

Drone photography & video can help show off your listings’ property, views, and more. Add on drone stills + video clips for $99.00 from a licenced and insured pilot (full listing video options also available), or $50.00 for Pole Photography (up to 16 ft. elevation). Click on the package of your choice above and add drone or elevated photos in the extra options. Drone photos may be taken at a different time than your ground shoot.

Twilight Photos

Twilight photography beautifully shows off your listing in the evening light. Twilight times are limited so schedule early. *If Mother Nature fails to provide a lovely sky on the day of your shoot, we can help. Starting at $250 with listing photos included. *Price varies based on sf.

Zillow Boost

As a Zillow Select photographer, we can get your listing on the TOP of Zillow, with Zillow Walkthrough Videos and Zillow 3D Tours as well as custom branded listing videos with music & voice-overs. Our listings consistently have 2-4x the views of competitor listings on Zillow.


Put your best face forward with a professional headshot – perfect for all your social media and web presence. We can shoot in our Gilbert studio or at a location of your choosing (outdoors/indoors).
If you’re a broker, contact us about shooting the whole office, so you have consistently branded headshots of your team instead of cell-phone selfies.

“I was impressed by how quickly Cari responded to my request for photos. She got me scheduled right away which is so important when trying to get a listing up. Not only were the photos she took of my listing fantastic but she got them back to me the next day.”

— Natalie N., Real Estate Agent (Thumbtack Review)

As a real estate agent, you have a lot riding on the sale of your listing: It’s your livelihood – bringing home the closing commission, attracting future home sellers, and branding yourself as a successful agent.


You and the home seller invest in cleaning inside and out, repairs and upgrades, creating curb appeal, and setting the stage inside for future home buyers to see themselves at home. Your online images represent the “first showing” of  your property listing, so don’t skimp on great photography. These online images are a huge part of your marketing efforts that will drive buyers to your door.


Studies show that listings with professional photography have more online views, and ultimately sell faster and for more than those with mediocre photography.


Not only does great photography help bring more potential buyers to your listing. It also helps establish you, the agent, as one who is an expert at marketing and home sales, which will drive future home sellers to you. Branding yourself as an agent who knows how to market a home expertly will land you more commissions and a growing real estate practice.


A small investment in great real estate photography yields exponential returns, for both the current home listing and your future business.

An expertly photographed kitchen with wood floors and wood cabinets.An expertly captured photograph showcasing a vacant kitchen featuring wood floors and stainless steel appliances.

HDR vs. TruColor Flash Photography

We offer both the more affordable HDR photography as well our high-end Signature TruColor Flash Photography. Below, you can see an example of HDR on the left (before) and Flash on the right (after). Choose the package that is best suited to your property and your budget.

Affordable HDR Real Estate Photography Packages

Our Affordable HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography packages are perfect for budget listings and new realtors with limited marketing budgets. This package is similar to those offered by the other “lister” companies, but you get a real photographer (not a post hole digger with a camera) and no fake/cartoony processing.

Fast turn around, usually within 24 hours.

 Pricing on our Affordable HDR Photography Packages

Under 1500 sf | $75.00

1500 – 2000 sf | $85.00

2000 – 2500 sf | $95.00

2500 – 3000 sf | $105.00

$10.00 per additional 500 sf

Signature TruColor Real Estate Photography Packages

All signature TruColor Flash Photography packages include crisper, brighter images, with true colors (no orange color casts), with pleasing blue skies, and fast turn around (usually 24-48 hours).

Our Signature TruColor Flash Photography package is the choice of professional agents who understand that their listing photos represent their brand, and always choose the highest quality for their clients.

Pricing on our Signature TruColor Flash Photography Packages

Under 1500 sf | $99.00 | approx. 10 images
1500 – 2000 sf | $125.00 | approx. 15 images
2000-2500 sf | $150.00 | approx. 20 images
2500-3000 sf | $175.00 | approx. 25 images
3000-3500 sf | $200.00 | approx. 30 images
3500-4000 sf | $225.00 | approx. 35 images

Add $25.00 per additional 500 sf | 5 photos

Luxury Package – By Quote*

Recommended for homes over $750,000
Number of images & lighting as needed to properly show the home, details, and exterior

*Contact us for pricing on luxury homes or homes needing additional images, special lighting, etc. Base price for luxury shoots is $.09 per sf, but may vary depending on what you need/large acreage/specialty shots.



Twilight Images

See our Twilight Portfolio here

$125.00 at same time as interior photo shot
$150.00 if scheduled at a different time

Elevated Shots

Elevated Perspective Shot (Pole Shot: 10-16 ft) – $50.00 – includes 3-4 images. Great option for smaller yards,  evening/twilight shots and those living in no-fly zones where drones are not allowed.

Drone Photography – $100.00 (includes aerial stills + aerial video clips – add to any video package below or just use the clips separately.)

Satelite video fly-in intro added to your virtual tour or video (see below) – $50.00


Slideshow, Video & 3D Walkthroughs

Slideshow – still shots set to music – unbranded – $30.00 (see example – cannot be used on Zillow)

Slideshow Plus –still shots plus aerial footage set to music – unbranded – $100.00* (see example – cannot be used on Zillow)

Basic Zillow Walkthrough (only shown on Zillow – doubles views on Zillow listings) – $50.00 at time of photo package or $75.00 without photo package (see example)

PROSelect Zillow Walkthrough (upgraded gimble walkthrough with music – may use on Zillow or other sites – doubles views on Zillow listings) – $100.00 at time of photo package or $125.00 without photo package

Full Real Estate Video (motion video on gimble & slider, music, and stills, including agent branding if desired – can also be used on Zillow in place of the walkthrough):
under 2500 sf – $250.00*
2500 – 4000 sf  – $350.00*
over 4000 sf – $450.00*

*Your full real estate video will include Aerial footage if you ordered drone photography.  Add $25.00 for video if not doing a photography package.

**Add $50.00 to add your voice over or video introduction on Full Real Estate Video option

— 3D —

3D technology allows prospective home buyers to do a virtual walkthrough on a computer or mobile device by clicking and rotating to see a full 3D capture of each room.  These interactive walkthroughs engage potential buyers and encourage them to spend more time with your listing.

Zillow 3D Walkthrough – Starting at $99.00 – Please contact us for pricing on your listing. (See example)

Matterport 3D Full Scan + Walkthrough (perfect for premium listings and out-of-state buyers):
Up to 3000 sf – $200.00
Up to 4000 sf – $250.00
Up to 5000 sf – $300.00
Up to 6000 sf – $350.00

*Add 2D floor plan with Matterport scan – $60.00


Real estate photography is licensed to the original listing agent or whomever requested the photography during the terms of the home sale. Image usage license may not be sold or transferred.  Agents/homeowners may not share the images with Builders, Stagers, Remodelers, Cleaners, etc., but those separate individual parties may contact us for usage license and fee for images they wish to use for self-promotion. If another agent takes over the sale and wishes to use the images, they will need to pay another licensing fee or order a reshoot.

Real Estate Marketing Packages


Get Social – $50.00

Zillow Walkthrough – boosts Zillow views ($25.00)
Unbranded Virtual Tour for MLS ($30.00)
Shared on local FB social groups (our social shares usually garner 2K-5K local reach)

Super Social Gold – $150.00

Zillow Walkthrough – boosts Zillow views ($25.00)
Unbranded or Branded Virtual Tour ($30.00)
Branded Single-Page Home Tour Website ($90.00)
Single page website syndicated to multiple social sharing sites
Shared on local FB social groups (Reach of 2K-5K)
2-day (2K-8K Reach) Highly Targeted Social Media Ad Campaign
Custom Digital Flyer – print-ready* or social media/digital sharing – ($30.00)
“Just Sold” Digital Image for social sharing after sale ($20.00)

*Flyers are a great take-away to help remind shoppers of the specific home features.
Ask about pricing if you’d like us to print flyers for you. 

Super Social Platinum – $250.00

Zillow Walkthrough – boosts Zillow views ($25.00)
Unbranded or Branded Virtual Tour ($30.00)
Custom Single-Page Website ($90.00)
Shared on local social groups
2-day x 2 weekend buy (4K-16K Reach) of Highly Targeted Social Media Ad Campaign*
Custom Text Number with Auto-Responders to automatically follow up on leads
Craig’s List & Backpage Listings*

*Extended social media ad campaign and craigslist/backpage listings for an additional fee.

Marketing communications and photography that speaks to your clients