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What to Wear for your Professional Headshots In ArizonaAre you looking for the perfect outfit to wear for your professional headshots in Arizona? You’re in luck! Of course, Arizona is a state known for its beautiful landscapes and sunny weather. It’s a wonderful state with lots of opportunities whether you have a corporate job or are an entrepreneur. but when you need a professional headshot, how do you decide what to wear?

When you are getting professional headshots in Arizona, it is important to choose clothing that will look good on camera and make you look your best. You don’t want to wear something too formal or too casual, as this will affect the overall look of your photos. Instead, opt for clothing that is stylish and flattering, and fits with the level of professionalism in your industry. For example, you might want to wear a fitted dress or skirt that falls below your knee, along with a blazer or cardigan to add some flair. Alternatively, you could choose to wear a more relaxed outfit such as jeans and a T-shirt. Whatever you decide, make sure the clothing you choose is appropriate for the occasion and suits your personality.

Professional headshots can be a great way to show off your skills and personality to potential employers or clients. Headshots are also critical in connecting on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This guide will show you what to wear for your professional headshot in Arizona.

What to wear in your professional headshots

How Do You Choose What to Wear For Your Professional Headshots?

Well, that depends… Let’s talk about a few things that come into play when choosing outfits for your Arizona headshot session. 


First of all, what are you using your headshot for? There’s quite a difference in a recommended wardrobe for a CEO vs a young actor, or a creative entrepreneur. If your headshot is helping you land that next job, work for a promotion or be the face of your company, you’ll want to dress a bit more formally. 

It’s important to choose an outfit that matches the brand personality of your company. Here in Arizona, we tend to be a bit more casual than many places, so if your headshot is going to be used to market to clients who are more formal in attire, you may want to dress up a bit more than usual. I always recommend that you wear what you’d wear to meet a very important client for the first time.  That said, if you’re in an industry that is generally less formal, then ditch the tie, and go for a bit more casual look.  Depending on the clients and peers you work with, whether your clients are local, national or international, and what the brand personality is for your company, you’ll want to choose outfits that match that brand and are the appropriate level of formality. 

A professional headshot should accurately reflect your personality and style, in order to communicate with your audience.

Headshots for Creatives

But if you’re in a more creative field, such as a life coach, speaker, artist, spiritual guide, stylist, or an actor, you may want to dress more for your own unique personality. That might mean bringing in more color, more texture, more layers, and less formality to connect your personality and services with that of your clients.

Regardless of your headshot goals, I suggest going for outfits that keep you looking professional yet approachable, as well as trustworthy and intelligent.  It may seem like a lot to fit into one photo, but your headshot is about more than just the camera. It’s about what you represent as a person and how you want others to view you as an individual.

what to wear for professional headshots in Arizona
what to wear for professional headshots in Arizona

Choose Outfits Appropriate For Your Headshot Location

The next consideration is where is your headshot being taken and what time of year? Indoors in our air-conditioned studio will give you protection from heat, sun, wind, and storms, and can be more or less formal. Outdoor shots highlight the beautiful landscape of Arizona, but there are limitations on the best time to shoot, inclement weather, and most definitely the heat in the summer can leave you looking like a melted mess in your formal headshot. It’s much harder to wear a suit in 120-degree weather.  Of course, during the winter months, a full suit is definitely wearable outside, and for women, you may want to cover up a bit more during the colder months.

More Hot tips for your Arizona Headshot

Bring multiple choices.

Most of our headshot sessions allow you to try different outfits in front of the camera. Bring more than you need so we can help you make the best choices for your headshots. Also if a particular outfit doesn’t photograph as planned or there is a wardrobe malfunction of some sort, you’ll have backups to choose from.

Mens Clothing on Hangers for What to Wear for Headshots
what to wear for professional headshots in Arizona

Don’t wear your headshot outfit to your session.

You don’t want your selected top or shirt getting wrinkled by your car seatbelt. And you might melt getting to and from your car during Arizona’s sweltering summers. Wear comfortable clothes on the way to your session and bring your headshot outfits in a garment bag or on hangers to avoid any unexpected wrinkles or stains before the session.

Avoid flashy jewelry.

If you’re going to wear jewelry, keep it simple. Choose small hoops or studs, and avoid loud, colorful pieces that will distract from the rest of your outfit. That bold statement necklace or unique piece of jewelry may seem fun, but they can easily draw all the focus away from your face. And, some jewelry might be really trendy today, but very out of fashion later, which will date your headshot more quickly.

Wear casual shoes and pants.

The best thing about headshots is that you don’t have to create a full outfit unless you’re planning on getting extra full or 3/4 shots. In fact, your pants and shoes don’t even have to match the rest of your look! Just choose what you feel comfortable in since they won’t appear in your images. Many of my clients come in flip-flops and that’s just fine! And no, you don’t have to put on the matching suit pants unless you are needing portraits. Shorts or jeans are fine since they won’t usually be in the image. 

What about glasses?

If you normally wear glasses, bring them to the session. You want your headshot to look like you do in person.  If you have multiple frame options, bring them all so we can pick what looks best. Note that if your lenses are transition lenses or have blue light blockers, you may need to allow a bit of extra time so we can make sure your glasses look perfect. But don’t worry! We’ll make sure you look great.

what to wear for professional headshots in Arizona
what to wear for professional headshots in Arizona

What to wear:

  • Solid (not patterned) clothing is generally best. You can choose brights or neutrals – but whatever you choose, select styles and colors you feel most comfortable and confident in. (Black, white, and jewel tones are usually best, but are too strong on some people. Very pale pastels can wash you out a bit but look awesome on some people. Wear what looks great on you!)
  • Be sure that your clothing fits well. If the shirt is too tight or too big, the jacket is ill-fitting, the top dips too low, etc., it will not look right in the photos.

What to Wear Tips For WOMEN:

  • A simple top or shell and a jacket, dress, or whatever you feel most confident in works well. Generally, sleeves are recommended but wear what you love. Feel free to bring options.


  • Ruffles, puffy sleeves, or clothing with excess fabric are not as flattering as something more fitted.


  • For headshots, jewelry is unnecessary. If you choose to wear jewelry, keep it simple so it doesn’t distract. (Disclaimer: If your signature style is big jewelry/patterns or whatever, wear what is right for you.)


  • Wear hair and makeup as you usually would. If you plan to wear cool colors, wear cool-toned makeup, and vice-versa, warm-toned makeup with warm-colored clothing.
  • We have an amazing makeup artist if you prefer to use her services to feel pampered, confident and look amazing on headshot day!


What to Wear Tips For MEN:

  • A button-up shirt (ironed please) with or without a jacket and with or without a tie works well, but wear what the level of casual or dressy would be appropriate for your work. If wearing a tie, a double-Windsor knot looks best. If wearing a polo, try to iron the collar so it lays correctly.
  • If you will be using your headshot on a business card or website with a logo, be sure your suit and tie complement the colors of the logo, or at least do not clash with it.
  • Trim your beard and groom any errant facial hair. Small nicks or skin blemishes will be removed in the editing process so don’t worry about that.
  • Headshots are only chest-up, so you don’t have to wear a full suit. Feel free to bring options.
  • Bonus: if you have a beard, click here for our ultimate guide on getting your beard headshot-ready.

what to wear for professional headshots in Arizona
Sleeping cat to remind you to get rest before your professional headshot

General Tips for Everyone:


  • Drink lots of water for a couple of days before your shoot to hydrate your skin. Wear moisturizer if your skin is dry, and bring chapstick or lip gloss if your lips are dry.


  • Get plenty of rest for the few days before your appointment.


  • Don’t try a new haircut or style right before your shoot, as we want you to feel like you. Give a new haircut or style a few days to settle in.


  • The same goes for skin treatments and facials. Don’t do these right before your shoot as they can leave skin red and irritated.

Bonus Tip: What to Bring to your session


In my studio, I always have things like lint rollers, oil blotting paper, powder, hairspray, and chapstick on hand. But if you have something particular that you may want to use for touch ups (such as a favorite gloss, blush or eyeshadow) or maybe you’ll need a hairbrush, or if you have a favorite product you may need, please go ahead and bring those items. I find it’s best to pack up everything you think you’ll need from outfits to accessories to extras the night before so you’re calm and know you have everything you need when it’s time to head to your session.

What to bring for your professional headshot session

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