Getting That Beard Headshot-Ready!

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Trimming your beard for your headshot.

Here’s a cute pic of my newly-bearded husband.  It’s not really a corporate shot – just playing around, but I like it!


After over 25 years of marriage, my formerly clean-shaven husband decided to grow a beard. I love it!  But it’s all new to me as far as figuring how to take care of it. I’ve shot several guys with awesome beards, but had no idea how much work it takes. It’s so much more than just not shaving!  Who knew there was so much involved,  from keeping it neat and trim to avoiding the dreaded “neckbeard”!  At any rate, I found a few good YouTube videos that really helped, so I’m sharing them with you in case you’re sporting a beard and not sure how to prep for your headshot.  I’ve mostly included beard tips for newer beard growers, but whatever your beard length, some of these are helpful tips.

I’m not an expert in beards, but I am an expert in making you look your best in headshots, so if you’re sporting a beard, groom it up and you’ll look awesome in your headshot.






And a few shots of some of my awesome bearded clients:

I hope this helps you as you’re getting ready for your headshot!  Give us a call/text or you can click the link below to schedule your headshot online.

We look forward to helping you make your best face forward in your next headshot!

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