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If you want to have images that impress your clients, connect to buyers, and brand you as an expert real estate agent, then invest in a professional photographer who specializes in Real Estate.

When you choose Market Expertly, you’ll have consistently impressive images, expert marketing assistance, and outstanding personal service that will be hard to find elsewhere.

Hiring a pro also means you don’t have to waste time messing around with the photos. We’ll send them MLS Ready, so you can spend your time building your business!

But if you’re wondering whether it really makes a difference which photographer you choose, take a look at the before and after images below. (These images are from actual listings).

The MarketExpertly Difference

Click and drag the center arrow back and forth to see the before & after images.

Wide Angle Lens

In the example below, the “BEFORE” image was taken with an agent’s cell phone or point and shoot camera, not a professional wide-angle lens. In the MarketExpertly “AFTER” shot, you can see much more of the room. And buyers will see the difference too!

Color Casts

The “BEFORE” image below was from a previous listing of this home.  The yellow/orange color cast makes it difficult to see the true space.  And it wasn’t sized properly for the MLS (low resolution) so the image is quite distorted. In our “AFTER” shot, you can see the natural brightness and true colors in the room. And it’s high-resolution for optimum impact.


This “BEFORE” image was taken by an agent with a quality camera, but is a little under-exposed, and makes the kitchen look darker than it is. Additionally, it doesn’t show off the lovely view outside.  Our “AFTER” shot lets the lightness shine in the kitchen, while still keeping the back yard in view.


Here’s another “BEFORE” kitchen image, and this was actually taken by another professional photographer. It’s not terrible, but take a look at our “AFTER” shot. Because we bring light in, we were able to make this kitchen look much brighter – bringing out the wood grain in these gorgeous cabinets, and showcasing the tile flooring and the overall space a bit better.


We see a lot of discount photographers that cut costs by letting the computer do all the editing. Known as “HDR” (High Dynamic Range) – the computer combines multiple images to create one photo with well-exposed light and dark areas. HDR can be a useful tool, but like anything, if it’s not done right, it’s just wrong. This “BEFORE” image is a bit of an extreme example but shows what can happen when images are over-processed or not processed correctly. We see this a lot with the discount photographers. The images look dirty, fake and cartoony. They may even have an interesting “GLOW” that just doesn’t belong. The “AFTER” image shows what a properly edited image should look like.

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Professional Real Estate Photography

Save Time | Impress Clients and Buyers | Grow Your Bottom Line

You know what goes into getting a home ready to go on the market. You and the home owner have invested a lot, from cleaning, fixing up, repairs, remodeling, and even staging costs, to make your home picture-perfect.

And 92% of all home buyers shop online first, so why would you trust your real estate photography to anyone less than an expert?

A man expertly holds a smartphone in the grass.
A market expertly standing in a hole with a shovel.

Sure you could save a couple bucks by taking cell phone pics or getting your neighbor with a camera to come snap a few shots.  You could call one of those discount places that digs post holes and will take pictures while they’re there. But do you really want to trust your livelihood to a photographer who’s better at digging a post hole than using a camera?

Maybe saving a few bucks on professional photography up front seems like a good idea at the time. But homes without professional photography tend to sit on the market a lot longer, and sell for a lower price. Either way, it’s not really a savings in the long run. Investing in a professional real estate photographer can give you a bigger profit, and helps get that profit in your pocket faster.

Start your listing off right by calling the professional. Market Expertly.



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