Why you should choose a professional photographer for your listings:

As part of our commitment to helping you market expertly, we make sure your images are crisp, clear and vibrant, to catch the eye of potential buyers. We’ve compiled the video and images below to help you see the difference between professional and non-professional photography for your listings.

Why You Need Professional Photography

Before & After

Here are some examples of images that are not edited vs. the same photos with our expert editing.  Drag the arrows right and left to see before and after images.

We ensure that your images don’t have deep shadowy areas and ugly color casts  that would make them dark and unappealing.

Your images will be brighter and more true-to-life.

If your photoshoot is scheduled on an overcast day, such as in this image, we’ll make sure you have a lovely sky.

Our twilight shots bring out the best of your lighting and the evening sky, to make sure your images pop.

Along with making sure your images are bright and clean, we also make sure the walls are straight, and can even add a fire to your fireplace.

Here’s another example of color casts and blown out windows that can make an image less than optimal, and make your listing less appealing than it could be.

If a large-screen tv is in the shot, sometimes glare can be distracting. We’ll remove the glare, and can even do a screen replacement (putting an image on screen) if desired.

Twilight shots can help get your property noticed on mls listings. If Mother Nature fails to provide a pleasing sunset, we can use a little digital magic to help you out!

If you’ve like to show off your property listing or business in the best light possible, give us a call at 480-300-CLICK (480-300-2542) or use the form below to contact us.  You can also use the “Schedule” tab above to book a real estate photo shoot.

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