Your headshot is so much more than just a picture of your head.  Your headshot represents you, your company, your brand, and is usually the first contact most people will have with you. But the process of getting a great headshot is daunting for many – in fact, most clients are terrified of being in front of the camera and they put off getting a headshot way too long! Here at HeadshotProsAZ, we promise to make this a fun experience and to get a headshot you’ll be proud to share.

Everyone has insecurities about how they look in photos, but we coach and direct you throughout the session to bring out your best qualities and minimize the things you don’t love quite as much. We help you get a pose that makes you look your best and an expression that communicates the message you want to send: Confidence and Approachability!

HeadshotProsAZ also part of Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew, the largest group of headshot photographers in the world, where we recieve mentorship from Peter Hurley, NY’s premiere headshot photographer.  See my Headshot Crew portfolio here:

I’ve lived in Gilbert, Arizona, since 2001 and consider it my home. I have loved being a part of this community and getting to know many wonderful clients and friends over the years.

If you need a headshot, trust Arizona’s headshot expert, and give me a call.  480-300-CLICK (480-300-2542)

I look forward to working with you!

A woman in a black shirt is posing for a headshot photo.

Cari Hall - Photographer

Cari has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from Brigham Young University, and has worked in a variety of different marketing and photography areas, including working on national ad accounts at advertising agency, working in-house in the graphics department for large companies, and directed grant initiatives.

Cari has owned her own business since 2002, and has been behind the camera for several years. She is also a graphic designer, and uses her photography and design skills to ensure photos are true to color, sharp, bright, and gorgeous.

As a graphic designer, she’s worked with professional photographers for years from the film era through the digital revolution. She loves the concept of “painting with light” to create the depth and mood, and has loved being behind the camera seeing the world through a lens – even years ago as a teenager.

She began with professional photography as an art director for studio product shots working at an in-house design firm for a large cosmetic company, then continued photographing for other jobs, including doing her own product shots for her graphic design company as well as lots of sports – action, team shots, dance groups, family portraits, etc.

In 2014, she saw a huge need for professional headshots for both companies and individuals.  She started focusing her studio skills on creating stellar headshots, especially for commercial and real estate pros, and she loves combining photography with her marketing expertise to help you build your business or personal brand.

Kami Steele - Makeup Artist

Kami Steele, one of the most sought-after makeup artists in New York City, has moved her family to Arizona and will be partnering with Headshot Pros AZ.

Kami’s experience is extensive, including work on Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Conan O’Brian, The Today Show and 30 Rock. She has worked on a variety of talent including Amy Poehler, Kristen Stewart, Paul Rudd, Penelope Cruz, Kirsten Duntz, Laura Bush, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mark Consuelos, Tina Fey, Rashida Jones, and dozens of other celebrities. Her print credits include Cosmopolitan, In-Style, Elle and Vanity Fair.

Appointments for hair and makeup can be booked through HeadshotProsAZ when you schedule your headshot.

A black and white headshot photograph of a woman smiling.

Do I need a makeup artist?

For women, having your makeup done professionally will often help you feel more confident in front of the camera. Of course, you are welcome to do your own makeup as well. Our makeup artist is amazing, and can do as natural or glamorous as you prefer.  Keep in mind that for headshots, depending on how you are using them, we usually go for a more natural or daytime business look.  If you’re doing an acting headshot and need some of shots of each look (natural and glamour), please let us know so we get you pricing and schedule timing for both looks.

For men, we don’t generally recommend makeup. Unlike on TV and film where you need makeup under the lighting, in headshots, makeup is very visible. Even if you have a lot of blemishes, those are better dealt with in Photoshop than with makeup. If you are concerned about shine, we have powder and other anti-shine tactics to keep that under control. Our makeup artist is skilled in applying makeup for both men and women, so if you want to book her, we can accommodate that request, but it’s not needed for men.