5 Reasons You Need Professional Headshots

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Executives and actors have been standing out from the crowd with great headshots for years. But in the past few years, and especially after 2020, almost everyone has realized the importance of having an amazing profile as the world went fully online. From LinkedIn to company websites to Zoom meetings, your profile image is now your “digital handshake”.

 That’s why professional headshots are so important. Whether it’s creating a strong presence for your social media profiles or putting a face to your name for potential clients or employers, a headshot can give you the extra push you need to score that job, connect to others in the industry, or secure that client for your business. And that’s why Arizona professionals look to HeadshotProsAZ to make sure they get an awesome headshot that really helps them get ahead.


You want to look PROFESSIONAL

The statement, “You only get one chance to make an impression,” is famous for a reason. Regardless of how much experience or education you have for a position, if you don’t look professional, your chances of landing your dream job immediately plummet.

If you’re trying to market your business, a professional headshot can keep people on your site long enough to help them connect with you – which gives them more opportunity to make a purchase or register for your services. Your website has precious little time to convince possible clients that you can make it to their objective, so it’s important to make a great impression!


You’ll use it EVERYWHERE

When you think about it, these days, headshots are a requirement for promoting businesses and products online no matter what you post. This is especially true if you post information or content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media, as well as your own website, blog, and any type of site you contribute to as a guest contributor. You’ll also need a headshot on business cards (Yes, people still use these). Anywhere you are reaching out, remember, people connect with other PEOPLE, not brands, and they need to get to know, like, and trust you before they will buy from you.

People want to put a face to a name, and if you’re promoting yourself or your company, you want that face to look professional and skilled in your field – and you want it to look like YOU now, not the “you” from 20 years ago.


You want to tell a STORY.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect position or seeking clients for your business, your headshot is the quickest way to tell the story of who you are and what you can do. A professional photographer can help your expertise and personality shine through your images. They’ll also help you choose a location that suits your field and the look you desire for your personal brand. 

A headshot is so much more than just a “picture of your head.” Headshots are part photography and part psychology! Of course, a great headshot includes the technical aspects (lighting, editing, posing, etc.), but your headshot photographer also needs to help you get the right expression that sends the right message to your intended audience. That’s why expression coaching is so critical. You need to look confident and approachable – not like a confused deer in the headlights.  


You want to make a STRONG introduction.

Employers and clients will look you up online before you contact them, so you need to make sure that you appear intelligent, diligent, and responsive in their stead. At the same time, you need to appear confident and approachable, so it’s important that you give prospective clients a little of your personality in addition to presenting yourself as a professional.

A professional headshot can help you do all these things and will serve as your introduction to everyone in your field, from potential clients to business partners to employers. To keep that introduction positive, you need a headshot that shows off how polished and professional you are. If you go with a selfie or a blurry cropped group photo, what impression does that give? If you don’t care about the impression you create, why would other people care about working with you?


You care about investing in your FUTURE.

Professional headshots are a financial investment, but they’re also a critical part of advancing your career or business. Not only do they make you look good to prospects, but a high-quality headshot can also give you confidence in your own abilities. Prospects will see you as strong and well put-together, and you can start to see yourself that way as well! 

When it comes to furthering your career or promoting your business, professional headshots are definitely worth the cost! They offer a major return on your investment by helping you to get clients, landing your dream job, or helping you find new professional opportunities. In the long run, a bad headshot can cost you so much more.

If you’re ready to invest in your career with a professional headshot, visit HeadshotProsAZ.com to book your appointment.



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