5 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Profile Picture Matters For Your Career

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If you’re a professional or entrepreneur, LinkedIn is one of the most important social media outlets to grow your career.  If you’re not there, you’re missing out. But if you look out to lunch in your profile photo, you’re not doing yourself or your career any favors.

Surely you’ve heard the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” But if a cover isn’t compelling and inviting, most people aren’t going to look inside and find out more. 

LinkedIn profiles are important because they help potential employers, recruiters, or influencers get to know you better before meeting in person. The profile photo is the first thing someone sees on your page so it’s important to have a photo that’s clear, current, and professional. A great LinkedIn profile photo is essential for professionals today. With the emergence of LinkedIn as one of the most popular online platforms, people are looking for ways to put their best foot forward and have a professional image.

It’s human nature to make snap judgments based on appearances, such as picking up on body language and facial expressions. That’s why, when you’re looking for a job, it’s so important to have an updated, professional LinkedIn profile photo to let potential employers know that you’re trustworthy, intelligent, and perfect for the position.

Here are 5 reasons you need to invest in an amazing headshot for your LinkedIn profile:


1. You’ll be judged by your appearance.

The first thing most recruiters or potential employers look at on a LinkedIn profile is the photo, so like it or not, the way you look matters. The right headshot can help you score your dream job, and an amateur or outdated headshot can actually cause you to miss out on opportunities. You may be passed over by a potential employer, client, or miss out on other opportunities. It is often said that first impressions matter. The same can be said for your LinkedIn profile photo.

Don’t believe it? A CareerBuilder survey actually found that the way you present yourself can not only affect your ability to get hired but can also impact your chances of getting a promotion.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to have a quality, updated professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile. You want to encourage recruiters to keep looking and check out your skills and experience, instead of clicking away after just a few seconds.


2. You want to make a strong first impression.

Employers will most likely browse your online profile before reaching out to you by phone or during the interview. That’s why you want to put a lot of thought and effort into how you present yourself on your LinkedIn profile. You want to show off your skills and experience, as well as give the impression of someone who’s intelligent, dedicated, and approachable.

That may seem like a lot of work, but as stated, a picture is worth a thousand words, and your profile photo can help you project the right image to recruiters. Your LinkedIn image can also serve as an introduction to other people in your field and potential clients, and you want to make sure that introduction is a positive one. A selfie or blurry amateur photo can give off the impression that you don’t care about presenting yourself professionally, which can be an immediate turnoff to potential employers. It’s easy to see in profile photos who has taken the time to invest in themselves and who has not. 


3. You’ll get more engagement on your profile.

The details of your LinkedIn account are important to how people perceive you and can be what gets you noticed or not. 

Social media is a very visual medium, and LinkedIn is no different from Facebook or Instagram. Profiles with a photo get more engagement than those without—21 times more views and nine times more connection requests. Those additional views can make all the difference in getting an interview for the job you want.

 Whenever you choose professional apparel for your job interview, you’re telling the interviewer you’re serious about the open position without uttering a word. The same is true for your LinkedIn profile photo. A quality, professional headshot can let recruiters know that you mean business and encourage more people to click on your profile and learn about your skills and expertise.


4. You’ll look more genuine to prospective clients, employers and connections.

Using a good profile picture lets all people who view your profile know you can be trusted. Profiles without a photo tend to give off the impression that they’re fake or spam accounts, which is definitely not what you want potential employers to think when they see your profile.

Also, not having a photo might keep people from accepting your connection requests. People are a lot savvier about the internet these days and more likely to be suspicious of a profile without a picture. If you’re looking to build your network on LinkedIn, you definitely don’t want to give people a reason not to accept your connection.


5. You want to show off your genuine personality.

Interviewers enjoy LinkedIn pages because they permit them to swiftly establish a connection with a name before they’ve ever even met the individual. A photo also gives recruiters and potential employers an idea of what kind of person you are. For example, a selfie or cropped group photo may suggest that you don’t pay much attention to detail or aren’t very diligent in your work, while a professional headshot tells anyone who sees it that you are dedicated and on task.

Let recruiters, employers, and all your connections know that you mean business with a high-quality LinkedIn profile photo!

We live in a culture that places high importance on your online representation of yourself. It’s important that we put our best face forward and represent ourselves for the position we want.  But believe it or not, your LinkedIn profile photo can affect how well you do financially and professionally, so this is worth some consideration. 


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